Dash Speaks is a DJ, producer, rapper, talent-buyer, and music-lover born and raised in New York City. His music and DJ sets reimagine and reinterpret hip hop, borrowing elements from all kinds of other genres, but ultimately celebrating the music on which he was raised and with which he fell in love.

Dash is one of the most respected Producer/DJs currently working in New York City.  He began writing music when he was nine years old.  As a teenager, Dash cut his teeth in the underground rap scene, becoming a staple in the open mic circuit by the time he was 17.  At 19, Speaks had recorded and released his first full length album. 

Over the next couple years Dash began to produce, and gradually, his focus shifted from rapping to production.  Over the years, he has worked with K. Flay, Moguai, Das Racist, Danny Brown, Fat Tony, Jesse Boykins III, and Despot just to name a few.  Most recently, Speaks teamed up with Donwill of Tanya Morgan to release the critically acclaimed EP "Don Speaks". 

Yet it is as a DJ where Dash Speaks may be most impressive.  Armed with genuine musicianship, turntable skills, unparalleled versatility, and a truly encyclopedic knowledge of music, Speaks is often regarded as one of the best hip hop and open format DJs in New York.  Like his original production, his DJ sets are grounded in hip hop while drawing influences from all kinds of music; creating a seamless blend of old-school and cutting edge.

But to Dash, DJing is about more than just the music.  "As a New Yorker and a DJ, I feel like I have an obligation to be a taste-maker and a liaison of culture.  Our city has lost some of its edge, but I'm going to do my part to keep it cool."  This philosophy is apparent, not only in Dash's live sets and mixes, but also in the parties he cultivates and the brands and venues with which he works.

Dash's lifelong love affair with music has culminated in ten LPs and EPs, several Hypem-charting remixes, an Independent Music Award Nomination, production for Details Magazine and MTV, and over a thousand live shows and DJ sets at which he has shared the stage with the likes of DJ Premier, Childish Gambino, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, ?uestlove, Kid Cudi, and Pete Rock among many others.  To read what some other people have said about Dash Speaks and his music, check the press.